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“be ready for attacks from both China and Russia”

Messages from Jesus to John Leary

February 19, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, you heard an excellent homily from the deacon at Mass about your preparations for Lent that starts this Ash Wednesday. It is true that daily prayer, possibly daily Mass, and frequent Confession are part of your way to show your love for Me. In Lent you will be adding fasting and abstinence from meat on Fridays and Ash Wednesday. You may also want to add some spiritual reading to your sacrifices of not eating sweets and fasting between meals. Lent is a time to put more focus on Me and less focus on your earthly desires. Your ultimate goal is to be with Me forever, so you will not need any earthly things then. I love all of you, and I want you to love Me as well.” February 4, 2023: (Memorial Mass for Rosemarie R.)

Rosemarie said: “I thank all of you for coming to my Memorial service. I love all of my family and friends. I also thank everyone who helped drive me to various places. You know how I walked to places when I could. I love the Lord so much and I always wanted to be with Him whenever I could. Now I am with him forever.” Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a sign of weakness when your military was ordered to hold off shooting down the Chinese spy balloon until it was over water. You also need to stop arming the Ukraine, and sending arms to Taiwan that is in more danger from China. You are facing more threats from China than from Russia. Be thankful that this balloon did not send an EMP bomb that could destroy your electric grid. It is hard to prevent wars, but your military needs to be ready for attacks from both China and Russia. Pray for peace through strength. Be ready to come to My refuges if you see World War III coming. I will protect you and provide for your needs at My refuges.” January 29, 2023

Jesus said: “My people, I gave My sermon of the Beatitudes as I blessed the people with My words. Your priest spoke of being happy as all Christians should be happy that you have been blessed with faith. I want all of you to be blessed and center your lives around Me. Learn from your mistakes and make an effort to do better in your lives. Be a good example to your children by bringing them to Sunday Mass. Show Me how much you love Me by your daily prayers, your attendance at Mass, and your hours of adoration.” Jesus said: “My people, you have been controlled by the one world people, especially in your finances. The central bankers took over your money in 1913 when they used dollars to promise to pay back any debt. Later, you saw the removal of gold that backed your dollar. Again, you saw your silver backed dollar removed from circulation. Soon your dollars will be eliminated from circulation in favor of a digital dollar that can be tracked how you spent your money. Those people, who go against your socialist leaders, will soon have no money when their accounts will be taken down, and your dollars will become worthless. This will lead into the mark of the beast that I warned you not to take. Once the evil ones threaten to kill you if you do not take the computer chip in the body, I will call My faithful to My refuges and you will see My Warning. Have your backpacks ready to flee to My refuges where My angels will protect you. Have no fear of the evil ones since you will be safe at My refuges where I will multiply your food, water, and fuels. I will cast the evil ones into hell and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

January 28, 2023: (St. Thomas Aquinas) Jesus said: “My people, this boat with the apostles and Myself represents My Church led by St. Peter. The storm struck fear in My apostles who thought we were going to drown. The apostles awakened Me from sleeping to tell Me of their fear of drowning. I called to the storm: ‘Peace; be still’ and there was a great calm. Then I scolded the apostles for their lack of faith that I would save them. The apostles still did not understand My Divinity and My power as God the Son to control nature. So it is with My faithful that you can call on Me to help you with your everyday problems. I call on you many times to have trust in Me and My angels to overcome your fears. I will see to your necessities in this life, but you need to ask in prayer for Me to help you.” Jesus said: “My son, you remember when I called you to have your prayer group have a practice run of 24 hours at your refuge. I also had you do four more practice refuge runs both in the warm weather and in the cold weather. Each time you had a practice run, you learned more how to provide for your people using all of your preparations. You used no electrical lights from your grid, and you used your dried foods and made bread. You did not use your natural gas heater nor your oven. You did use your rechargeable battery powered LED lanterns for light at night. With some electricity being provided by your solar panels, you were able to recharge your batteries. You used kerosene burners and your wood fireplace to heat your house. You baked bread in your propane Camp Chef and you used your well water to drink and wash. Because having your practice runs taught you how to survive independently, I would like all of My refuge leaders to have one or more practice runs to actually see how you could repeat what My son has done. You think you can be prepared, but making practice runs will help you when the real tribulation will come. The fact that I am asking people to be ready in practice runs is another sign to you that you are getting close to the Antichrist’s takeover. Trust in Me and My angels to protect My people and My refuges, as well as how I will multiply your food, water, and fuels. Be ready also to have Perpetual Adoration around the clock, and you will assign hours for your people day and night. During the tribulation time your priest or My angels will provide daily Holy Communion. You will place a consecrated Host in a monstrance for your Adoration. Pray that your families will be converted to the faith after the Warning during the conversion time, so they can be saved and allowed by My angels to enter My refuges.”


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