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Amazing New Interview of John Leary on YouTube

The messages received by John Leary are not believed by many, which is why Jesus told him that by the time people do believe, it will be too late. I can personally attest to his humility, gentleness, charity, faith, humor, genuineness, patience, devotedness, and general holiness of life. He is psychologically healthy, which has been medically verified. He has gone to Mass daily since he was 17; he is now around 80. I am sure people imagine him to be an "angry white male," crazy, and/or morose in spirit. Maybe God does have a sense of humor, because John Leary is just the opposite. He is peaceful and down to earth. He was a successful scientist, so he is not the type to be a victim of delusions. And I can say that his healthy level of scrupulosity would forbid him from putting out messages if he was in any way not sure they were divine in origin.

The messages he receives, however, are gravely serious for the world and especially for America (as Our Lady of America said would be punished more severely than any other nation). The Antichrist is about to take over, and this brings up a final point: physical preparation and refuges make perfect sense in light of the fact that no one will be able to escape from the Antichrist, who is the evilest person ever to exist. It is a simple matter of survival for God’s people during his reign. Physical preparation is not more important than spiritual preparation, but it is necessary.

Click below to see this life-changing interview of John and his wife, Carol, who has been an intrepid supporter in her husband's challenging vocation as an end times messenger. Watch it now before it is taken off YouTube:


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