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Amazing Message from St. Joseph to Kay

Monday – March 20, 2023 – Mass of Reparation and Celebration of St. Joseph Feast Day

Kay: As Father began his homily, I suddenly saw St. Joseph holding a "staff" and the top of this staff had a few lilies on it. St. Joseph was standing behind the right side of Father, but somewhat behind him.

St. Joseph is very tall in stature, as well as a very handsome man; his presence seems to be very humbling. He has a very quiet smile as he looks at Father; he suddenly looks at me and his smile is now wider and looks much happier, especially as he looks at all those present at this Mass.

St. Joseph: "I do not want to disrupt Father's homily, but I want my children here this evening to know how much I appreciate their devotion to me. I also want to thank them for entrusting me with their petitions. I feel honored that these children, who consecrated themselves to me, have committed themselves into the care of my protection. I will offer their intentions to the Eternal Father as well as Jesus, who is your Lord and Savior.

My child, I ask you to inform my namesake (he is speaking about the priest celebrating this Mass) that I am watching over him and will protect him as these days become darker and eviler. He must be a witness to his faith and not fear any man, because Heaven is watching over him.

Spiritual darkness will envelop the entire church and the enemies will surround and mount against her with attacks so severe that many of our priest-sons will feel cut off from all truth and will succumb to the evil tactics that are meant to destroy them. Through their weakness, they will not hold on to the Word of God nor will they seek refuge in Him. Jesus is the shield to those who take refuge in Him, but their faith has become shaken and weakened. Many of our priests no longer believe or have the assurance or conviction of what they cannot see. Faith is both a grace and a virtue. Firm belief is important even in the absence of proof. Our priest-sons must endure in the face of doubt, because faith involves reliance and trust in the confidence of Jesus Christ. They must not forget to stand firm to the Sacred Traditions and True Magisterium of the One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The persecution will become greater than in any other time of the world. The days for our children will become so painful and they will feel the scourging and desolation of the chastisements to come.

You, my child, were given the warning of words by my Beloved Spouse last year [2022], that the year 2023 would begin the terrible chastisements, which is the punishment for the grave sins against God and against the abhorrent sin of abortion. Our children have failed to even acknowledge these grievous sins or taken accountability for the serious nature of these sins. Our children must repent of these sins before it is too late. These Masses of Reparation have held back the hand of the Eternal Father. However, the Eternal Father will not allow His Divine Son to be MOCKED any longer, by those who were supposed to protect His holy Church as well as the sacred Sacraments of His Church. Pray for the Church and all priests – good or bad – because, without them, you would not be able to receive the Holy Eucharist; nor would you have the Sacrament of Confession in order to give you absolution of your sins. They can also bring blessings upon you and your loved ones.

The Hierarchy of the Church must repent before it is too late and I ask our children to pray for the Pope and for the salvation of his soul. You are not the judge of his wrongdoings. Only Jesus is his judge. Prayers are needed for all priests, especially for those who are in jeopardy of losing their souls. Pray for the lukewarm. Do not judge anyone, as there is no child who is without sin. Pray, pray, pray for all priests and pray that they repent of their sins. We ask that you pray and sacrifice for the salvation of all souls and pray for the reparation of sins throughout the world.

My children, this year many will die suddenly and without warning. Stay strong and go to Confession as often as you can, because many evils will arise without warning and your world is about to destroy itself through the evils of your technology.

My Son, Jesus, has allowed me this evening to bring you WORDS OF WARNING. PREPARE, MY CHILDREN, FOR YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

God desires your salvation. The purpose of Heaven's warnings is not to cause fear but to bring you closer to God. These warnings do not want to bring you words of fear, but rather we ask that you be strong and courageous, because God is with you always and He will never leave you or forsake you. Turn to Him in your time of despair. The words from Heaven have been given through many centuries of prophecies and you have been warned to take heed and spiritually prepare. Stay in the light, for the darkness of evil will come upon you like a roaring lion to devour you. The enemy surrounds you through many temptations and the plot is to tempt you into these sins without any guilt. My children, you must fear those who can destroy your peace and steal your soul.

The Church will pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies will unveil a religious deception by offering men an apparent solution at the price of apostasy from the truth. The Antichrist will be unveiled. The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in His death and resurrection.

You must be prepared to undergo great trials and even ready to give up your lives. Pray to mitigate and alleviate these chastisements, but they can no longer be averted.

The plagues are already on the horizon but they will travel fast and spread very quickly. Many will die from the sickness of these plagues as the tissue of the skin turns black. Remember that many visionaries and prophets of old were given antidotes for these different plagues and sicknesses. Many different antidotes have been given to the different countries depending on the availability of this items in each individual country. Some are made from natural herbs, others are ointments, while others are a form of Holy Oil. You must always remember that the faith of the person in believing in these antidotes of healing are very important.

The devastations in America will come through many chastisements; you will suffer through natural disasters. You will also suffer through famine, plagues, financial ruin, and storms beyond your imagination.

The conflicts of the war in the Ukraine by Russia could possibly start the invasion of Europe and begin to quickly spread throughout world causing the Third World War to begin.

Our children of America have never witnessed a war such as this on their own land, but it will strike without warning. This war will be as never before and words cannot describe how horrific it will be. During this time many will wish they were dead.

O, my children, why could you not listen to the words given by your Heavenly Mother at Fatima to the world? Such a simple request, but never obeyed, and now the greatest suffering of mankind will begin.

Pray that all the "refuge builders" complete and are ready to accept the children of God who will be sent to them after the Warning.

This is not the time to lessen the intensity of your prayer lives. Pray, pray, pray for all mankind. I cannot stress enough how important it is to pray specifically for the salvation of souls. So many of Our children are not spiritually prepared and are not ready to meet their judgment.

I am the Protector of the Church of my Son and I will uphold all that is asked of me. I ask Our children to turn to the Holy Family and pray for the protection of your entire family. We will defend all of those children who stand upright and defend your LORD, JESUS CHRIST. Defend His holy Church through the Sacred Traditions and True Magisterium. Show reverence to the most Precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in His most holy Eucharist. Go to Confession as often as you can so that you remain in the state of grace at all times. PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY for your family and ask for Our Blessed Mother's Mantle of Protection.

As these times of desolation begin, remember to help those who are less fortunate then yourself. Take the time to help others, who may not have any one to turn to. Be kind to one another, be tenderhearted and forgiving as Jesus forgives you. Show your gentleness; be patient and show love to one another. Encourage each other during these crosses and trials. It is important for our children to remain united with one another.

I warn you, my children: the Warning is fast approaching and you should pray for the grace to remain humble of heart and do not at any time allow pride to seep or enter into your soul.

I want to thank you, my children, for allowing me to speak to you and I bless each of you through the HOLY FAMILY.

Kay: St. Joseph then turns around and Our Blessed Mother is waiting for him and she is holding the Baby Jesus. Our Lady is smiling so tenderly and the Baby Jesus waves at us with his chubby

little hand and then He raises His Hand and Blesses all of those present at this Mass.”

I see and hear nothing further.


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