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Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta /
Divine Will

In 2015, the Vatican Publishing House came out with a book on Luisa Piccarreta entitled The Sun of My Will by Maria Rosaria del Genio, an author specializing in the saints and Catholic mysticism. Before this book, the Vatican has published three of her own books and two books that she edited at least in part. That the Vatican has published The Sun of My Will is quite significant. Likewise, the fact that Luisa Piccarreta was declared a Servant of God cannot be overlooked. The archbishop in her area is currently finalizing the translations of her works. Her greatest spiritual director was St. Hannibal di Francia, who advised her for 17 years. He gave the Imprimatur to 19 of her 36 volumes of The Book of Heaven – all he could before he died. Therefore, to say that she or the revelations she received regarding the Divine Will of God are controversial is simply ignorant.


The translations up to now have had deficiencies that have led to a little confusion. Too, the fact that the laity are not educated enough in theology to handle this private revelation (priests, owing to their theological background, should be leading the faithful to correct understanding) has led to some confusion (for example, Jesus is speaking to Luisa, not to the reader, in the messages). Luisa Piccarreta, unlike other messengers, is not just the means through which God is speaking. She is essential to the Divine Will private revelation. She is the first person to LIVE IN the Divine Will since Jesus and Mary (Adam and Eve originally LIVED IN the Divine Will, and no one else has or is LIVING IN the Divine Will); that is another thing some of the laity are confused about – thinking that they are LIVING IN the Divine Will when they are not).


What is LIVING IN the Divine Will? This is the most important revelation and teaching of God in this private revelation. It means to not simply DO God’s Will, as all the saints of the past have done. To LIVE IN the Divine Will means to surrender absolutely to the Will of God 24/7/365, with no going back and forth between the human will and the Divine Will. One must annihilate the human will completely to reach this sublime state. Having achieved this most extraordinary state, she will be acknowledged as a saint of saints in the future.

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Her good friend, St. Padre Pio, one of the greatest saints ever, was taken aback by her holiness, calling her “That Angel in Corato!” (Corato is a small town in Italy where she lived.) The two would bilocate to each other often. He also said that she would be like a second sun in the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. In that era, people will live IN the Divine Will. This is why St. Louis de Montfort said that the greatest saints will be in the end times. She was a victim soul who was bedridden for the last 60 years of her life, during which time she lived solely on the Eucharist.


Jesus said that “Divine Will,” as it is simply known, is the greatest devotion of all time. It is very clear in the revelations that this is the greatest private revelation of all time; all others are, in a sense, preparation for Divine Will, which will dominate in the Era of Peace.


So much more can be said, but this serves as a little introduction to her and Divine Will. For any interested, I would go so far as to say that all other private revelations and saints’ writings can be dropped if one can devote himself or herself to Divine Will. To learn more, here are five exceptional websites on Divine Will:


There is also a superb video on Divine Will here:

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