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Sister Amapolo

From the website of her pious union, the Missionaries of Divine Mercy (MDM):


Born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1977.  Attended the University of Monterrey where she studied architecture for five semesters.  Moved to Catholic Solitudes in Hebbronville, TX in 1997 to join a small group living there.  This group would become the nucleus of the new religious community.  Sister Amapola is a founding member of MDM."

"Sr. Amapola is bilingual, and the Messages are dictated to her in either English or Spanish. She then translates the Message into the other language. Some Messages include footnotes which are added by Sister to clarify for the reader her sense of the meaning of a word or idea, and at other times to better convey the tone. The use of underlining and bold or capital letters are also Sister’s way of demonstrating the emphasis that God places on certain words or ideas. Additionally, Sister will sometimes add [smile] to convey the warmth or gentle humor that she senses at certain points."

Here are their websites: and

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